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Tensile Structure Manufacturing Excellence

When you need a company to manufacture a high quality tensile fabric structures, Glarfab is the expert in its field. When you engage Glarfab for your next project you will receive world-class service based...

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One Specialty, One Superior Service

Glarfab specialises in the manufacturing aspect of tensile structures only. This means you can be assured of the highest standards of excellence in membrane fabrication. What’s more, you...

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On Time - Every Time

With decades of industry experience we understand the importance of deadline’s. That’s why at Glarfab, we promise to never over-book our projects. That means when we agree to your deadline, we stick to it. Your project is on time - every time.

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Select the Specialist

If you need further confirmation that you are dealing with a world class organisation you need look no further than the numerous satisfied clients spanning the Middle East through to South East Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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Tensile Fabric Structures

Glarfab is a world leading supplier of premium fabric architecture products and services to specialist trade, builders and architects, around the world.

tension fabric structures Glarfab is the offshore manufacturing facility owned and operated by Atkins Fabrication and Structureflex, companies with an unparalleled combination of experience. Both companies have decades of experience in manufacturing award winning architectural fabric structures for clients around the world. We have pioneered many of today’s leading fabrication techniques and have thousands of structures around the world, which have stood the test of time.

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Our Prime Business

Our prime business activity is the manufacture of tensile fabric structures, custom architectural shades and membranes using HDPE, PVC and PTFE:

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